MPSInsight is an intelligent cloud-based platform that allows the user to dynamically access and analyze content usage statistics based on COUNTER standards. We also develop and support custom reports for various stakeholders including publishers, librarians, business development teams, and marketing agents. The advanced reporting capabilities of the platform enable our customers to make evidence-based decisions.

COUNTER 4 Usage Stats

  • Usage stats for librarians and publishers
  • Accurate, consistent, and compatible stats based on COUNTER 4 standard
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Multiple authentication
  • Stats for all major categories—journals, databases, books, reference works, and multimedia databases

For Publishers and Aggregators

  • Provide data to customers in custom formats
  • Compare relative usage of different delivery channels
  • Aggregate data for customers using multiple delivery channels
  • Analyze geographical usage patterns PayPal, and more

Sales and Marketing Reports

  • Identify upsell opportunities
  • Identify customers likely to churn
  • Region-wise trends
  • Title-wise trends
  • Executive dashboard

Data Analysis Tool

  • Day-wise analysis
  • Different dimensions
  • Content types
  • Slice and dice functionality
  • Drill-down or roll-up

For Librarians

  • Compare usage statistics of different platforms
  • Derive useful metrics such as cost-per-use
  • Make better-informed purchasing decisions
  • Automatic usage harvesting

Key differentiators...

  • Highly intuitive user interface branded to publisher requirements
  • SUSHI for usage harvesting
  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime
  • Quick turnaround time for reports
  • Lower operational costs
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Easy administration for publishers & librarians
  • Consortia administration—access consolidated consortia stats and individual member site stats from a single login
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with customized landing page for publishers and librarians


Empowering publishers and librarians with powerful content usage analytics