If you are short on resources and need a helping hand, the THINK team is available to provide various managed services. Our Managed Services include administration, interface administration, server administration, application setup and configuration, reporting, custom development, release and upgrade management, business and consultations. You can select a package of these services or a single service based on your business needs and requirements. You may also contact our THINK Implementation Experts, who will help you determine the managed services that best suit your business needs.

Configuration Services

Our Configuration Services provide application setup consultation and configuration. Our staff can define order classes — subscriptions and products — along with their term, order codes, sources, rates, demographics, and other relevant information, as per your business requirements. We can also customize and maintain database tables, including setting up taxation, international currencies and addressing, label output, audits, and controls for your customer service. All the necessary system security can be configured, as well. 

Report Writing Services

You can also consider our Report Writing Services, which provide report consulting and report development. THINK’s trained staff can create custom reports for your business needs, including Marketing, Accounting, Circulation, Data Analysis, and other types of custom output. THINK’s reports are created in BusinessObjects’ Crystal Reports. We also provide data structure consulting. Our report writers have wide-ranging experience in diverse industries, as well as with Crystal Reports.

Development and Tech Services

THINK’s Development and Tech Services are geared toward providing you with a variety of custom tech services. When integrating your websites with THINK, our staff provides XML API training for client web developers (on-site or at one of THINK’s offices) and web integration consulting. We can even design, develop, and integrate your sites for you. This service group also provides custom development, whether for enhancing THINK or creating utilities specifically designed for your needs.

Hosted Services

THINK’s Hosted Services provides the tools and flexibility companies need to successfully build a subscription-based business without having to deal with all the associated IT costs and infrastructure. With the functionality of our industry-proven THINK software, our Hosted Services allow for lower IT and personnel costs and quicker implementations, enabling you to have more time to focus on your core activities. With real-time web connectivity, you can be up and running around the clock.

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