THINK provides comprehensive Implementation Services, including project management, consulting, training, data services, and support. The THINK Implementation Team supports you in coordinating all project activities, and in facilitating strong communication and stakeholder participation throughout all project phases. Our team’s extensive experience in varied complex implementations allows us to develop the project roadmap and timescales that work best for you. Timescales are shared in network diagrams and GANTT charts, and they are carefully monitored through project registers that summarize project milestones, customization, and costs. We run structured meetings with various stakeholders to ensure that project costs, schedules, and risks are regularly monitored, keeping those areas on track.

Our implementation methodology, combined with our weekly project team meetings and monthly steering committee meetings, are designed to track and report on progress, identify and mitigate risks, and closely monitor schedule and costs aspects of the implementation project to ensure the successful implementation of THINK.

Agile Project Management

THINK uses an agile project management approach that helps isolate any deviations. The THINK Agile Project Manager works with you to build a project team with resources from both THINK and your organization. This team begins early to develop a well thought-out project plan. Our Implementation Team members include the Agile Project Manager, Lead Engineer, Data Conversion Engineer, Software Developer, Product Design Lead, Trainer, and System Analyst.

Our team members are trained in diverse business solutions and order management across diverse industries. This team is responsible for various activities such as designing and developing custom software solutions, monitoring the quality of technical development, programming, verification, reconciliation, migration methodology, data conversion verification, data analysis and system audits, software modification testing, interfaces, integrations, and reports.

Conversion and Migration

At THINK, we understand the challenges that arise when the data currently maintained by legacy systems has to be transformed to meet THINK’s requirements. The data structure of legacy systems may be quite different, and that difference is not usually limited to table names, field names, or attributes and sizes. THINK’s data conversion project is scaled through well thought-out phases, including Planning, Analysis and Design, Conversion of Data, and Processing Import to THINK’s database. Successful data conversion hinges on THINK’s proprietary set of customized and configured tools to transfer all data to the THINK database.

Our basic approach for any successful system migration includes:

  • Well-defined target data structure model
  • Elimination of differences in task definitions
  • Data profiling
  • Comprehensive data mapping
  • Data profile repository
  • Multiple levels of cleansing
  • Incremental data conversion
  • Mapping specification in the conversion process design
  • Data extraction process and transformation (conversion) process
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Phase-wise reconciliation reports
  • Validation of target application

Consultation Services

THINK’s Implementation Team would be delighted to support and consult you in configuring THINK to fulfill all of your order management needs. Consulting is available to all THINK Subscription clients at THINK’s office, on-site at client offices, and/or through webinars.


THINK provides robust training and education to customers through web demonstrations and on-site visits. Our seasoned trainers have a sophisticated understanding of the THINK platform, and they will help you maximize platform utility. If you are an existing THINK customer and have questions about receiving additional training, please call us at our Toll Free Number listed above or send an email to


Our customer support team is led by experts with an advanced understanding of the THINK platform and a relentless passion for delighting customers. Our staff members have many years’ experience in implementation and resolving product use issues. Varied maintenance plans are offered and can be customized to your needs. These plans range from support offered during standard business hours (Eastern Time) to premium coverage that accommodates dynamic 24/7 demands. Customer service and support can be obtained by telephone, email, and/or a web interface.

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