The THINK platform gives you the ability to integrate diverse data and information sources within and outside your system into a single framework. An integrated information infrastructure can then be shared by mission-critical applications including Customer Relationship Management, Content Management, Tax Engine, Reporting and Analytics System, Automated Warehouse Management System, and Accounting Software.

THINK offers an extensive library of REST and SOAP APIs to help you connect seamlessly with various solutions in your business ecosystem.

Various modules are integrated within the THINK framework:

  • Customer Service
  • Master Data Setup
  • Import
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Queue & Processing
  • Reporting

THINK resides at the core of your order management business and integrates with multiple third-party software systems on the fly. That’s why our Integration Factory never stops working. We will keep adding new integrations and enhancing the existing ones, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Cloud-Based Order Management System