The THINK team is also able to perform the role of a service bureau, in addition to being a platform provider. Our service bureau team is branded as MPS360. Our specialized skills and expertise give us a competitive advantage, which helps lower operational costs for you. We focus on meeting the publisher’s fulfillment solution and back-end service requirements, and we are committed to delivering transformative benefits through reduced costs, process improvements, and process re-engineering. We proactively measure customer satisfaction and act on customer feedback, and we assure process efficiency, enhanced project implementation plans, lower risk failure, and robust measurement systems.

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of our fulfillment function and is undertaken via email, phone, fax, and mail. We have a skilled team in place to manage this function using CRM systems that you provide, or using a technology solution arranged and maintained by MPS360. Queries are addressed as per the policies and procedures you outlined, and standard templates are utilized where required in order to provide you with complete, correct, and efficient responses. Our goal is to serve as an extension of your office so that your customers enjoy the complete satisfaction of dealing with you, not an outside vendor.

  • 24/7 support to customers across the globe
  • Seasoned and trained resources
  • Dedicated, quality team for transactional auditing
  • Dedicated Internet lines and toll-free numbers
  • High Customer Satisfaction and First Contact Resolution scores
  • Transparent suite of Service Level Agreement reporting in place
  • Escalation matrix followed for any customer issues reported
  • Monthly/bi-weekly/weekly dashboards & reports
  • Improvement ideas and recommendations are part of our continuous improvement programs

Fulfillment Services

THINK employs all functional criteria for generating and sending electronic address files to journal printers/mailers for various titles. These files are generated or auto-scheduled based on the mailing schedules you provide. Depending on the frequency of each title, files can be produced on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The format of electronic file is based on the requirements of the printer/mailer, ensuring accurate label production for each issue/distribution.

  • Produce electronic mail files for journals and other media for delivery
  • Produce label files through automated scheduling
  • Code/sort files based on rates, shipping methods, member/non-member splits, grace/paid splits, distribution center splits, bulk vs. single
  • Track orders and inventory
  • Automatically generate catch-up issue files for late orders
  • Track and process claims
  • Merge/purge files
  • Track shipping information
  • Use Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification and address clean-up

Financial Management

The MPS360 team can run all financial management processes — including physical banking — on your behalf. Robust reporting is incorporated in the platform to track various elements, such as credit card processing charges, tax collections, commissions, and year-end closing positions. The banks share realization reports at scheduled intervals, and in the case of a dishonored payment, the order processing team suspends the order and contacts the customer for payment.

  • Daily cash reconciliation on the item level
  • Processing and identification of type of payment for all incoming revenue
  • Electronic batch storage capability, with robust search and sort functionality
  • Deposits balanced and recorded to the ledger on a daily basis
  • PCI compliance, including the option for credit card encryption, is incorporated in the processing environment, where appropriate
  • Electronic storage and capturing of records retention for auditing purposes
  • Tracking both true AR and non-AR orders at a customer level
  • Processing refunds, vendor payments, merchant charges, chargebacks, etc.
  • End-of-month reconciliation report

Credit Control

MPS360 supports you in recovering unpaid dues and works on your behalf to manage your overdue customers. The THINK platform allows you to raise credit invoices and track payments. The degree of dunning is directed by your guidelines, and reminders are sent to the customer as per schedules you have outlined. Your policies are also followed in deciding whether a debt is to be declared as bad debt, and finally written off.

  • Managing credit terms and tenures
  • Auto-scheduled invoice generation process
  • Invoices quality checked before dispatch
  • System-generated chasing letters sent at set frequency
  • Maintaining accounts payable contacts
  • Scheduled telephonic chasing process in place
  • Aged debtors report
  • Payment posting and reconciliation
  • Access control management for unpaid debts
  • Write-off of bad debts

Other Support Services

MPS360 also provides other support services including author support, invoicing projects, data mining, data management, data verification, and data validation. Data mining and acquisition involves extracting data through web research or any other media (print/online) and transforming that research into actionable information.

  • Rich experience and robust processes
  • Understanding of business process environment
  • Global presence, resource scalability, and delivery
  • Commitment to quality
  • Reputation for excellence
  • Technical and workflow optimization capability
  • Migration methodology
  • Flexible pricing model with the right mix of service quality and technological intervention

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